Temporary Lifeline System

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Temporary Lifeline System

UFS offers a temporary lifeline system that extends safety to the user while working in areas where a permanent lifeline system cannot be installed or may not require due to the temporary nature of work. UFS Temporary Lifeline includes a 30-meter webbing horizontal lifeline, having minimum breaking strength of 2kN. It can be adjusted from 2-meters to 30-meters and includes 2 steel snap hooks.

Temporary Lifeline System

Temporary Life Line System USP-14010-30

  • Secures an operator throughout travel.
  • Horizontal lifeline in 30mm webbing.
  • Forked ends in order to : Either anchor to a structure without the need to add anchorage sling, or hang directly on adapted anchorage point.
  • Steel ratchet to put he system into tension after adjusting the required length.
  • Supplied with 2 steel snap hooks.
  • Adjustable length form 2 mtrs to 30 mtrs.
  • Minimum breaking strength 25 kN.

Be Careful!

When installing the lifeline it is essential to take into account the deflection (f) of the lifeline that need to be add to the clearance of the fall arrest system used.

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